Contractor Blast Machine

Package 6 Cuft Model 2024

For contractors whose main source of income is a variety of abrasive blasting. These machines can handle small or large jobs, light-duty or high-production. Stage your Clemco 6-cuft machine near pipelines for maintenance or building structures for rehab work. Clean the interior or exterior of wastewater treatment tanks or ship hulls, or blast an entire trailer or excavator for rehab. These machines excel at blasting small bridge and overpass structural components.


Metal Spraying




Parts & accesories​

Apollo 100
Apollo 600 HP Supplied-Air Respirator
Blast Hose 2 Braid
Blast Hose 4 PLY
Blast Hose Coupling
Blast Hose Supa
Blast Suit
Carbon Monoxide (CO) Monitor Alarms
Cool Air Tube
CPF 20
CPF 80
Nozzle Holder
Nozzle Tungsten Carbide
Remote TLR 300

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